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About Erika PenneyYour Roadmap To Healing The Body

Being Georg Alzner’s daughter, I grew up watching my father and saw how he went about his work. The opportunity to see the roadmap that drove him towards his passion, instantly fascinated me about his holistic approach to the healing process in his vision.

The knowledge I gained through his experience has inspired my beliefs, and his success has been the anchor in my life and I want my father’s knowledge and research to survive him.

I saw an opportunity that has brought me to a pivotal stage in my life.  The journey that my father set before him has become the path that I was fortunate enough to follow. Most of all, I decided that I want his journey to continue through my eyes.

My father taught me that through our feet we can correct the body and improve our quality of life. I have seen this first hand, as I witnessed the creation, as well as the miracle of the Alzner Arch Supports.

My desire is to carry on his vision and continue helping the many people who would benefit from wearing the arch supports.  I established Feet First Arch Supports to supply suffering individuals with products created in Georg Alzner’s resemblance.



For a positive step in your journey to wellness, try Feet First Arch Supports; expertly made and the most advanced arch supports ever developed. Approved and recommended by podiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists and sports medicine clinicians and highly recommended by reflexologists and massage therapists. Feet First Arch Supports are reported from around the world to effectively ease problems that can be found on our Benefits page. Alzner Arch Supports are often imitated but never duplicated.


The Alzner Journey


Georg Alzner, the inventor of the Alznner Arch Support, was a master orthopedic shoe designer. Georg Alzner engineered many different shoe designs because there weren’t many orthopedic designs available. This was a crucial stepping stone that led to the creation of the therapeutic approach.

After twenty years of observation and having worked with thousands of people, he had a critical insight. To design a model of the ideal human foot that can be used to correct abnormalities in real human feet. Most of all it would have the further benefit of helping correct biomechanical function by supporting the many arches of the human foot.


Working slowly and carefully by hand, Georg Alzner worked for many years on the design and testing of his new arch supports. His goal was to create a functional device that would not merely placate or accommodate the improperly functioning foot, but also completely realign the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. In turn, it would give the individual a superior foundation upon which to build further therapy.


The “Alzner” knowledge has traveled a long journey, connecting to the universe, on levels that extend beyond the imagination. A family secret that only one man may knew in its entirety, and now, his daughter.

About Georg Alzner
Georg Alzner

The Alzner Arch Supports are the result of many years of research, and dedication to commitment, and to quality. Georg Alzner is part of our history with the design and outstanding performance of his arch supports. My father has passed on his legacy to his family and Erika, his eldest daughter was there in the very beginning when an idea became reality.

Georg Alzner, the inventor of the Alzner Arch Supports, created a piece of history with his design.

Disclaimer:  We at Feet First Arch Supports do not diagnose, prescribe or fill prescriptions.  For serious foot related problems, consult your physician.  Use of products and information provided is at client’s sole discretion.


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