Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are a few of the most common Frequently Asked Questions (faq) for arch support. For more information please visit the Features and Benefits page.

silver clockHow long will it take for the arch supports to feel good wearing them on my feet?

That depends; some people are wearing them full- time in as little as two weeks, others take upwards to a month or more. It depends on the condition of your feet.  You must follow a schedule to break-in your arch supports.  We recommend up to 2 hours per day to start with, and gradually work up to everyday wear.

Do I need to buy special shoes for my arch supports?

Feet First Arch Supports can be worn in most footwear. They are designed to help align the body and help balance your weight properly aiming to alleviate trouble with knees, hips and back. The wonderful thing about these arch supports is that they almost become part of your foot.

My feet are always cold. Will arch supports work for me?

Sometimes, no matter how many pairs of wool socks you wear, you feet just can’t seem to warm up. If you’re relatively healthy, chances are the cause of your cold feet is likely something harmless.  Cold feet could be a sign that there is not enough blood flowing to the feet. Arch supports offer a constant ‘massage’, ensuring that blood continuously flows to the feet, and supplies long-lasting comfort.

Seven peopleWho needs to wear arch supports?

Individuals, seniors, diabetics, children, competitive and non-competitive athletes. Anyone whose feet are in motion on a regular basis could benefit from wearing arch supports. Arch supports will  enhance what your feet can already do and keep them safe.

Black and White Arch SupportsWhich arch supports are right for me?

We  recommend that our clients use the Feet First Arch Supports the “FirmFlex”. The “MidFlex” are  for  diabetics, elderly, and people whose daily activity would be classified as sedentary.

A pair of feetWill arch supports help the pain in my feet?

Feet First Arch Supports ease many physical discomforts, and take pressure off uncomfortable pressure points.  It doesn’t matter where you begin your foot journey. With arch supports your feet feel  stronger and better supported.



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