Feet First Arch Supports  

The Most Advanced Orthotic Arch Supports 

A variety of common problems can stem from not having enough support on your feet when you walk or stand. These arch supports are a corrective device worn in the shoe and so molded as to provide support to your feet. Wearing these devices offer stability through your arch, particularly useful if you are spending long hours standing or walking while at work.

Our arch supports are manufactured from TPV polymer which ensures that our product is safe to use. In addition your feet are allowed to move and breath easily. Proper footwear is an important part of an overall treatment program for people with diabetes. As a result they also play an important role in diabetic foot care. In addition, our arch supports are a removable support which provides pressure relief and shock absorption.

Feet First Arch Supports are approved and recommended by:

Podiatrists, Sports Medicine Clinicians, Pedorthists, Chiropractors and including Physical Therapists, Reflexologists, and Massage Therapists.

Features of Feet First Arch Supports

Hypoallergenic/Odor Free/Breathable

One of the main features of Feet First Arch Supports is that all of our products are hypoallergenic. What separates Feet First Arch Supports from fabric, gel or rubber inserts is they are breathable and odor free. Wash your arch supports with soap and water to keep them in good condition. We recommend twice per month.

You can wear your arch supports in most types of footwear and even swap between shoes. Furthermore after conditioning your feet to wearing the arch supports, they almost become a part of your foot.

Quality Long Lasting Material/Economically Priced

Made in the USA with quality materials. Saltwater and UV resistant and washable. Long-lasting comfort equals great value!

Who Needs Feet First Arch Support

Individuals, seniors, diabetics, children, competitive/non-competitive athletes. Our arch supports  are for anyone whose feet are in motion. For a positive step on your journey to wellness, try Feet First Arch Supports. Our products have helped people from around the world alleviate their foot and back pain.

Lifetime Warrantee:

Replacement for defects in workmanship/materials or structural collapse.

Disclaimer:  We at Feet First Arch Supports are happy to share our experiences with you and hope that the results from our study  you will find helpful.  For serious foot related problems, consult your physician.  Use of product and information provided is at client’s sole discretion.

Thank you, for taking the interest.

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