Feet Are Your Secret Road Map To A Healthy Body


The various organs, nerves and glands throughout our body are connected with certain “reflex areas”. These are found on the soles of the feet, the toes and ankles. Every part of the body, including your organs, is matched by a corresponding reflex point on your hands.

Electrical Feet Reflexes

Feet Medians   One of the most miraculous means of communication is through these electrical reflexes. By manipulation, healing signals are being sent through these points which correspond to every part of the human body.

Early man wandered over plains, through forests and stepped on sharp objects which pressed into his feet. Pressing on his tiny electrical reflexes, producing a natural massage. The natural massage will break and loosen any small crystals that might form in the nerve structures of blood vessels causing obstruction, which in turn, slows the blood flow in the part of the body corresponding with the involved reflexes. Today with the footwear, sidewalks and soft green grass, this natural stimulation has gone by the wayside. This does not mean modern man must forgo its benefits.

Foot Massage

Meridian PointsThe practice of reflexology stimulates sick glands and enables them back to a healthy state. Foot massages are good for a spectrum of all ages. It rejuvenates the entire body, giving new life to glands and cells. Having a foot massage will crush these deposits and then dissolve them, so that they can be carried away by the circulatory system.

My writing is based on years of experience. Reflexology is not a “cure-all” but a means of helping the body attain perfect balance in all its functions in every system.  

You can bring relief and comfort to yourself by alleviating ailments through foot reflexes to allow balance and the flow of energy throughout the entire body.


About the Author: Erika Alzner Penney

Erika has been practicing reflexology for the past 50 years on friends and family. She is a student of the theories of Georg Alzner who discovered the method of Reflexology and Deep Muscle Therapy and brought it to the attention of the medical world. Her perspective will, hopefully cast a new light on the subject of reflexology. Studies show that  foot problems are a major cause of aches and pains, “The Feet First Arch Supports” a foot corrector/arch support that works naturally to balance the bones, muscles and tendons in the feet; supports the foot and relieves pain. 


Disclaimer:  I am happy to share my experiences and the results o f the study with t h e hope that some people will find it helpful.  I am n o t a doctor and nothing written here should be taken as professional medical advice.  For liability reasons, if you ask me for medical advice, then I will recommend you to consult a doctor.


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