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Your feet definitely take a beating if not properly cared for. Cracked heels and calluses at the bottom of your feet can become very painful. It is not just the bottom of your feet it can also be the top and sides of your feet. The reason these problems can appear is because of the friction from the bones in our feet rubbing against solid objects such as the floor, side of shoes or sandals and various surfaces walk on.



Did you know?

pronation of a foot

  • Corns and calluses do not grow the form due to repetitive activity over a length of time.
  • Arch cramps and fatigue develop because of abnormal pronation Definition of Pronation and  from Walking and Running Pronation is a natural motion of your foot during walking and running) causing the arch of your foot to flatten out. Wearing unsupportive footwear can tire the muscles in the arch of your foot causing muscle spasms, cramping and plantar fasciitis.


 Love your feet!

Keep your feet manicured and supported. Taking care of your feet can be achieved by having corns and calluses treated by a foot specialist.manicured feet

  • Using exfoliating skin creams or creams with urea in them will get rid of some rough dry skin on your feet. Yes even Olive Oil will help.
  • Oh! Those sandals and flip flops can be a challenge for your arch cramps, muscle spasm and foot fatigue.

Switch back and forth to wearing comfortable supportive footwear and arch supports and you will walk happily ever after.

Always love your feet 

Erika Penney
Erika Penney




Disclaimer:  I am happy to share my experiences and the results of the study with the hope that some people will find it helpful.  I am not a doctor and nothing written here should be taken as professional medical advice.  For liability reasons, if you ask me for medical advice, then I will recommend you to consult a doctor.

We do not diagnose, prescribe or fill prescriptions.  For serious foot related problems, consult your physician.  Use of products and information provided is at client’s sole discretion.

Do Your Feet Take a Beating

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