Feet First Arch SupportsTM help treat the cause of foot problems, rather than the effect. Foot problems such as CORNS, CALLUSES, BUNIONS, GOUT, HEEL SPURS, HAMMER TOES, HIGH ARCHES, LOW ARCHES, FOOT SWELLING, SHIN SPLINTS, MORTON’S NEUROMA, PLANTAR WARTS, LEG CRAMPS AND BURNING FEET are mostly caused from wearing improper footwear and/or working or walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time, therefore allowing the foot to lose its posture or balance. Consequently pain can result — in the foot, leg, knees, back, hips, neck, head, etc.

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Concrete arches support a load or break under it, but arches of the foot flatten until the load is lightened, then spring back and, at the same time, propel the body forward in walking, leaping and running.

When the foot arches weaken from faulty development, constant overloading, or prolonged inactivity, bunions and calluses can follow.

Nerves & Veins

Nerves can be pinched, leading to numbness and veins can be squeezed, therefore helping promote varicose veins, and interfering with the work of all structures which rely on the circulation. An unbalanced foot can cause spinal distortion.

LibraryBones & Muscles

The bones in the arch of your feet are held in shape and operated by ligaments and muscles, which if not used for any length of time, become so slack that the arch flattens, hinders in supporting your weight, and hampers you in the job of moving your body forward while given sufficient time and exercises, your arch will be restored

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How does your thyroid relate to your feet?



Affected Areas of Your Feet

Based on the Principles of Reflexology. May Help Relieve Symptoms Caused by Malfunctions of the Nervous System.

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Disclaimer: At Feet First Arch Supports, we do not diagnose, prescribe or fill prescriptions. For serious foot related problems, please consult your physician. Use of products and information provided herein is at the client’s sole discretion.




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